Please Note - 1/31/2019:

Eclips Hair Stylists are going to be working out of The Red Chair - 450 W. Baldwin - due to a furnace fire at our State Street Salon. Big thank you to The Red Chair for allowing us to work during this time when repairs will need to be done. We have transferred our phone number (989-356-4700) to The Red Chair and will be available to assist you in your hair needs! Please check back here for further updates.

Team Eclips

Alaina, Jean, Kendra, Kathy and Denise

Photo Gallery

Kendra getting her hair done.Check out our photo gallery of before and after pictures of styles, haircuts and color. We will be adding photos to the gallery on an ongoing basis, so please be sure to visit our webpage again and see the latest makeovers!

If you have any photos of your hair done by an Eclips stylist and you'd like to share it here, feel free to Email Us the photos.

Hair Education Events

The Color Red Paul Mitchell Model 2Our stylists thrive on keeping up to date on the latest techniques and styles. Eclips Salon has held Paul Mitchell Hair Color Education Event for stylists from all over Northern Michigan to come and learn about new coloring techniques.

We'd like to say a big "Thank You!" to all of you who attended. We hope you'll be interested in attending future events! Email Us to be notified of future Eclips events.